5 X 1 hour
In Production
Documentary series

Aftermath (5 x 48’) explores and analyses what’s happening in Christchurch and Canterbury following on from one of New Zealand’s deadliest natural disasters.

The earthquake events of the last 18months are a disaster for the town of Christchurch/Otautahi, New Zealand’s second biggest city. It has forever changed the landscape of a beautiful city that was rich with heritage buildings, a booming economy and opportunities for all. Until the tectonic plates moved without warning causing destruction on a scale not seen for decades.

This investigative five part documentary series, each of which could stand alone, takes an in depth look at critical areas impacted by these earthquakes; heritage significance, social impact, scientific exploration, business and financial effects, and the rebuild of Christchurch.

Together these five key topics combine to cut through the complexity and scope of the recovery process, which began after the first earthquake and continues amidst ongoing and unprecedented seismic activity.

High production values combine with skilled storytelling to produce top quality documentaries shot in HD, based on detailed research and longitudinal studies.

Experts guide us through the episodes with their knowledge and experience; each story will use a carefully crafted blend of interview, re-enactment and actuality, with both 2D graphics and 3D CGI to keep the audience engaged as we learn what Christchurch was like before, what it is like now and what is likely to happen to it in the future.