Aftermath - Where the Faults Lie

1 Hour
Screened, available for purchase

For 90% of New Zealand’s towns and cities it’s not a question of if, but when will an earthquake happen with enough intensity to bring death and destruction in its wake. Nevertheless in the nearly 80 years since our last significant earthquake in Napier that took 256 lives our collective consciousness seems to have lost its gut-level awareness of what an earthquake can do. The ongoing seismic activity in Canterbury and the catastrophic consequences for life and property that resulted is a wake up call for us all. In this documentary leading scientists take us below the earth’s surface, inside walls, under buildings, onto archaelological sites, out onto the Canterbury Plains and inside Christchurch’s CBD to understand what it means to be living in a country that is an active earthquake zone with an extensive network of faultlines; why these faultlines will inevitably rupture, and what the latest technology can do to keep our buildings intact and ourselves safe when they do.

"We learn geology the morning after the earthquake" Ralph Waldo Emerson