Aftermath - On the Road to Recovery

1 hour
Screened, available for purchase

“Civilisation exists by geological consent, subject to change without notice.”

So wrote American philosopher Will Durrant, and since September 4th 2010, geology has conspired against the city of Christchurch by providing a buckling sequence of earthquakes and aftershocks. Without notice, lives changed and lives were lost, in a matter of seconds.

We seek the answers to the big questions. What is happening to the people of Christchurch after 20 months of seismic unrest? How are people coping with everyday earthquake related stresses: sleep deprivation from aftershocks, loss of homes, loss of jobs and community, and a sense of unparalleled insecurity brought on by the constant reminder of impermanence with every aftershock.

An immediate upshot of this seismic shakedown has been a strong sense of camaraderie and connection throughout the city. But now fatigue has kicked in as people deal with a phenomenal amount of threatening uncertainty: about jobs, about houses, about money, about their future and about their physical safety.

With expert led analysis, we will monitor the city’s wellbeing and piece together a fascinating picture of a population’s social, mental and physical health as they strive to cope with the unimaginable.